Organ Hall

Situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in the centre of the city, the Organ Hall from Chisinau is a leading cultural and artistic institution of the Republic of Moldova whose activity has a crucial meaning in the capital’s cultural life. Due to a series of important events (festivals, contests etc.) it has an international importance.

The aim of the institution is to organize concert seasons in order to promote the values of both universal and national classical music by the contribution of instrumental and vocal performers from the country and from abroad. Apart from the organ music, which is specific for this concert hall, the spectators have the opportunity to listen to the performances of the National Chamber Orchestra (founded in the framework of the Organ Hall) with notorious soloists. There are also many instrumental, vocal, chamber ensembles recitals, various literary – musical manifestations, fine art exhibitions, concerts dedicated to some notorious personalities (composers, performers, poets, writers etc.) held in this institution.

The building of the Organ Hall has a unique beauty. It is an architecture monument, taken under the auspices of the state. Designed and built at the end of the 19th century – the beginning of the 20th century by the engineer Mihail Cecheru – Cush, the Organ Hall impresses by its monumental forms executed prevalently in classic style, also containing some elements of the romantic art. The cupola and the sculptural groups confer to the image of the building exceptional artistic expressiveness. Before 1974 the building hosted different financial institutions, including the National Bank.

The organ, installed in this magnificent hall, was made at the “Rieger-Kloss” company from the Czech city Krnov, a factory with strong traditions, well known for the instruments it produces, which are installed in many cities of the world. The Organ from Chisinau is an electromechanical one, of medium size, containing about 3000 pipes their height being from 15 cm to 5, 5 m in 55 registers.

It was on the 15 th of September, 1978 that the organ first sounded during the Organ Hall inauguration concert. At this event the following musicians took part: the organ performer Svetlana Bodiul, merited artist, Maria Biesu(soprano)  and Ion Josan(cello performer), people’s artists and the Academic choir „Doina”, conducted by Veronica Garstea, people’s artist.

The majority of the guests who had the opportunity to visit this hall and to perform on its stage mention that the Organ Hall from Chisinau is one of the most beautiful concert halls from Europe and  even from all over the world. We can strongly affirm that the Organ Hall from Chisinau is worth to be proud of and represents a veritable jewel for our people and country.

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