Rudi – Arionesti

The most important as surface area and monuments variety is Rudi – Arionesti Reserve. It has three passes with steep and wooded banks: Rudi, Arionesti and Tatarauca. Particularly important is the pass Rudi with a length of 5 km and a depth of 250 m. Cracks on its area are curved by wind in bizarre shapes. On days with wind they emit melodious sounds. Due to this effect they are called “wind harps”. Forests dominate the landscape vegetation. On the reservation area you can find several springs.

On the Rudi sector of the reserve are over 100 monuments: “Wolves Gully”, “Winds Ravine”, “Dragon Rock”, “Wind Harps”, “Deceased Cave”, “Green Spring” and others. Near the Rudi monastery are three ground fortresses: fortress “The Ditch” , of Thracian origin, identified as the ancient city “Maetorium”, fortress “Three crosses” and medieval settlement “Turkish Plate”, dating from 10th century, and many other archaeological monuments such as a cave, waterfalls, springs, forest reserve. It is a rare place in Moldova where topography, flora and fauna are so harmoniously combined with the historical past of the population, as here.

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