Botanical Garden of Chisinau

Creating the Botanical Garden of Chisinau started inĀ  1972-1973 on an area of 104 ha. Its territory has a wide diversity of relief and breathtaking landscapes. Garden biological material is very rich and is of great interest not only for scholars and students.

Genetic fund consist of 10000 species, forms and varieties of plants, arranged according to the systemic principle: dendrarium (25 hectares with 1,600 varieties of trees and shrubs); rosary (3 hectares with 650 species of roses); sirengarium (150 varieties); lianarium (about 80 species and varieties of vines); Moldova vegetation – forest, steppe, meadow; garden with controlled growth; the ornamental sector; pionarium; tropical and subtropical plants (2863 plants, with a unique collection of over 100 species of Decorative cactus); alpinarium. Collection of 40 rare flower species from different geographical areas of the Earth – 3000 plants, genetic fund of native herbs, medicinal and fodder are 600 plants. In 1990, as sector was created specifically for landscaping.

Some of the main tasks of the Botanical Garden employees are to perform research on the introduction and acclimatization of new plants for agricultural, fodder, medicinal, ornamental, forestry, greening cities, protection and enrichment of spontaneous vegetation. Garden solve problems of conservation of biodiversity and natural resource enrichment.

The Botanical Garden scientists have created an original garden of sand and stone, a copy of Japanese rock gardens, typical for this country.

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